The Challenge of Islam
Calling the Church to Act

by Dr Stuart Robinson


Mostly only those who have lived within Islamic communities and have studied their primary documents (Quran, Hadith and Sira) can appreciate what is happening as revivalist classic Islam spreads its message and activities around the world.

Western Christian religious leaders, preoccupied with domestic issues internal to their own movements, mostly don’t understand. Some hope the whole issue will just go away. Others with a more universalist outlook imagine that with minor cultural adjustments, we can all live happily together forever after.

So when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, suggested that aspects of Shariah Law were inevitable for Britain, other religious leaders briefly noted his comments before returning to former preoccupations.

In the same country, when British Baptist pastor, David Pawson said Britain would become Islamic unless the church changed, even evangelical leaders berated him. Some Christian leaders disagreed. But Muslim leaders optimistically suggested that it wouldn’t happen for 5 to 10 years!

Jay Smith, who regularly debates Muslim apologists in the public forum of Hyde Park in London and elsewhere, notes that Christian protestant Theological Colleges are still focused on Reformation controversies of four centuries ago. Although Islam is rapidly gaining traction around the world, not one Christian college which trains the next generation of Christian leaders, is yet, teaching a course on Islamic apologetics.

This short book will help the busy reader to understand what is happening and in general terms, how Christians need to respond. Not to do so could mean that our children, or more certainly our grandchildren, may grow up not in countries which for centuries have been sustained by a Judeo-Christian worldview, but in those increasingly dominated by Islamic ideology.

What others are saying

In The Challenge Of Islam, Stuart Robinson issues a clarion call to Christians everywhere to wake up, open their eyes to the gathering storm clouds of a global Islamic resurgence, and determine to make the Great Commission their first priority. To ignore this timely and urgent call is to sow a bitter harvest for future generations, but those who heed it will reap the reward of participating in one of the most phenomenal Gospel harvests the world has ever seen.
Rev. Dr MARK DURIE, Anglican vicar and author – Melbourne, Australia.

There are very few people anywhere with the encyclopedic grasp and in-depth understanding of Islam as Stuart Robinson. In this deeply scholarly and very readable volume he informs, teaches, challenges and warns both the West generally, and the Church specifically, of the political, economic, social and religious advance of militant Islam with its aims of world conquest. Here is a clarion call and warning which all concerned for Christian truth and mission must heed and act on.
MICHAEL CASSIDY, Founder African Enterprise – South Africa.

Dr. Robinson issues a clarion call to Christians worldwide to interact with present day Islamic expansionist programs. He powerfully concludes with a plea for believers to overcome fear and share a loving witness with Muslim acquaintances.
Dr PHIL PARSHALL, SIM Missionary at Large – Philippines.

About the author

Dr Stuart Robinson is the Founding Pastor of Australia’s largest Baptist Church. Before that he worked for fourteen years in South Asia where he pioneered church planting among Muslims. He travels extensively as a speaker at Conferences. He is the author of eight books including best-selling titles, Mosques & Miracles, Defying Death and The Prayer of Obedience. He graduated from four tertiary institutions. Stuart was born in Brisbane and is married to Margaret. They have three married children.


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