“Making the Lord’s last command our first priority”

Global mission’s is another of our key focus areas.

For most of Ben’s Christian life, he’s been committed to making the Lord’s last command (Matthew 28: 19-20), his first priority in Australia and the nations, but especially the 10/40 Window nations. Therefore as a ministry we have a wealth of hands-on experience to draw upon in fulfilling this aspect of our global mandate.

Since 2007 we have developed a major focus in our Global strategy on North Africa and the Middle East. To this end we have run annual training conferences for pastors and leaders as well as equipping seminars in Egypt, ministry training seminars and prayer initiatives in other Highway nations.

“I have known Ben since 2006 and have had the joy to serve with him in various capacities and on various occasions. I have come to know Ben as a
very dedicated and committed man of God with a real sense of calling in his life. His excellent leadership qualities combined with a humble heart has
created a platform of integrity that has ministered in many nations across the globe. His position as founder and overseer of the Australian Prayer
Network has brought him in contact with leaders from across the Middle East and Arab World and Ben’s sacrificial service has been a maior source
of encouragement to the persecuted Church in this region. He is not only an exceptional leader within the body of Christ but also a dear friend and a
special brother”

Mike Burnard,

Missions Consultant, Author, Speaker, Founding Director, INcontext Ministries, Former Vice-President Development of Open Doors International, South Africa