God’s Footprint on the Land

by Alistair Petrie


Is there a relationship between sin in society and the land upon which we live and work, especially in relation to plagues, calamities and disasters? Is there a connection? What does the Bible have to say about it and what is God’s specific instruction concerning the land? This book seeks to answer these specific questions enabling the reader to develop a kingdom perspective of the land.

This book seeks to answer these specific questions enabling the reader to develop a kingdom perspective of the land.

What others are saying

PETER HORROBIN, Founder and International Director, Ellel Ministries International – UK: “YES! Land can be healed! I wish I’d had this book thirty years ago! Essential understanding for pastors, leaders, business executives and all land owners. Life-transforming truths packaged for immediate use!”

MANFRED NORTH PEIGAN, Pastor, Piikani/Blackfoot Nation, Alberta – Canada: ”God’s Footprint on the Land an amazing journey through Scripture of ‘theology of land’ with practical examples of healing of the land. I wholeheartedly recommend the wide distribution and reading of this series by Alistair.”

LIEUTENANT COLONEL (RETIRED) JAN RANSOM MBE, Director Flame International – UK: “If we seek the revelation to apply the Lords blueprint to defiled land, this book which is wonderfully clear will assist us to bring healing to our nations. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”

DR RUTH RUIBAL, President, Julio C. Ruibal Ministries – Columbia: “I don’t remember hearing a message about how important the land is to God and the connection between it and the move of God or lack thereof. But that was changed when I first heard Alistair Petrie teach on the subject using much Scripture and examples from today. Once you understand the spiritual history of the land to everyday life, you can begin to understand why certain things happen – and how to minister to the issues of the land in order to free it for God’s blessing. I highly recommend God’s Footprint on the Land. You will find a treasure of information that will help you deal with many issues that you never realised were connected to the land.”


REV. JOHN BLACKET, Perth, Western Australia – Australia: “God not only made the earth but created mankind from His dirt. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know whose dirt it is. The Bible clearly states that we are custodians of the land. I have spent most of my seventy-eight years with indigenous people in Australia and other nations. During this time I have seen a very deep relationship between indigenous people and the land where God has placed them. In this short but insightful book you will discover the redemptive keys that will help you become a more effective custodian of the land.

As God’s Footprint on the Land suggests, we need to grasp afresh that God intends us to be part of the restoration and healing of the land in order to bring it back to His original intention and purpose. He has placed us on His earth so that He could bless us through His land, however the land is sick, so God is unable to fully bless us as He intended.

Alistair expounds clearly from Scripture what actually makes the land sick, providing insightful, practical and proven processes in how it can be healed so that God can bless both the land and its people. I encourage you to take seriously the principles that Alistair has outlined and prayerfully learn how to apply them on the land where you are God’s custodian, wherever that might be.”

About the author

For many years in both the United Kingdom and Canada, Alistair served as senior pastor in diverse city church settings. With that experience and his earlier years spent in professional broadcasting, he now serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries, a global ministry that teaches the principles and relevance of the Gospel and its relationship to the wider Church, the Marketplace, to Cities and to Nations. Partnership Ministries is positioned as a ministry for the 21st Century Church and combines prayer and research to prepare for lasting revival, authentic transformation and the release of Kingdom culture. In doing so, Alistair consults regularly with churches and ministries, businesses, and business leaders helping them in applying the principles of Transformation in their areas of influence – and explains how this releases cities and nations into their respective destinies. Alistair has travelled extensively to many nations researching and teaching these transformation principles, in both church and city settings as well as in the marketplace arena. Obtaining his Doctorate through Fuller Seminary, he has been a guest lecturer at several academic settings and Schools of Ministry. As well as being an international speaker, he is the author of several books, and along with his ministry team has produced an informative DVD teaching series. He is married to Marie and they have two married children. For more information on Partnership Ministries regarding their tools, training resources and webinars, please visit their website. www.partnershipministries.org



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