expectationsAs I get to travel, meet lots of different people and see many and varied places, I am often confronted with the feeling – what does God expect of me? On this I’ve pondered much. Let me try to be very simple and straightforward with a few thoughts on this matter.

If you want something bad enough in life, I’ve found that you must be willing to pay the price as well as pray the price required to get it; it’s not simply enough to desire it. It’s best encapsulated by the following: approach your task passionately, positively, persistently and seek to demonstrate a simple and clear definition of faith.

Passionately means you’ve got enthusiasm and heart that enable you not to wane. I’ve realized that the difference between hoping and wishing and dreaming and doing, is the amount of personal “umph” one is prepared to invest. In life, you get to celebrate few victories by having an indifferent and casual approach to life. In truth, most battles are primarily won in the hearts of men and women – why? Hearts shape attitude and gives empowerment to action.

Life, is a master of dishing up challenges and obstacles, therefore, you must adopt a positive approach to whatever you do. You advance on any course of action only when you are confident, full of faith and believe that you are going to see it through regardless. There’s an old saying, ‘sooner or later those who win are those who think they can.’ So expect victory and you are more likely to achieve a victorious outcome. In truth, the only thing that often stands between a person and what they want out of life is as simple as the will to try it and in faith believe that it’s possible. Ever step you must determine, regardless of adversity or not, that you will think positively, act confidently and be expectant in God! I try to make this is a simple life goal of mine.

The third aspect is to do with the fact that, you will keep on keeping on even when, and you will, feel like giving up, or others are either advising you to quit or to change path – it’s to be persistent, regardless. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Persistence and determination are two sides of the same coin – invest it well!

Someone once said; ‘the world has many talented but unsuccessful individuals as well as quite a few educated derelicts’, those who have not pressed on to claim their prize. I’ve seen those who are not afraid to make mistakes; they are people who keep moving and won’t quit, who go on to become successful in their endeavors. It seems to me therefore, that real success is connected to faith in action. Let’s not forget, in the confrontation between the stream and the rock, it’s the stream that always wins, not because of its strength, but more through its perseverance. For me it’s very simple … outlast your critics and hang on after others have given up.

In the Old Testament there’s a little known prophetic voice, one often eclipsed by the more famous prophetic voice of Isaiah, who basically took his message to the highways and byways of his nation. His message, ‘what does it actually take to please God; what does God expect of me’ … is both simple and clear.

Today we have over complicated and made it seem extremely difficult, even virtually impossible to please God. Religion, in the main, has been reduced to a series of drawn-out, often painful and un-enjoyable acts, designed to appease a God who is distant at best and someone who enjoys making His subjects squirm. That’s how it seems to me when you discuss the subject of pleasing God with people.

The prophetic voice I’m referring to here is the Prophet Micah. He seeks to erase this incorrect assumption that it’s difficult to please God and replaces it with what I believe to be one of the finest definitions of simple faith.

“He has told you, O man, what is good;And what does the Lord require of you; But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God?” (Micah 6:8 NASB)

In it he says; that God is not looking for any big-time external displays… or overly gifted demonstrations. No! He’s after the simple uncomplicated faith… it’s …

  • To do justice…
  • To love kindness…
  • To walk humbly with your God…

Modeling with passion and persistence, and with a positive attitude, how to love kindness… to live uprightly… to act justly … as we model God’s life to others in observable ways.

That’s what I think God expects of me!