ConsecratedI’ve been considering this word, consecration, for a while now; what does it really mean for a disciple of Jesus Christ today?

As disciples of Jesus Christ and in opening our lives up to Him to be His holy vessels, we have entered into a living partnership with our Heavenly Father concerning holiness. However, much of what passes as acceptable in today’s Church suggests we are falling short in upholding our end of this partnership. Whether by ignorance or direct disobedience, it appears than much of the Church in the West, at least, is not walking in a higher level of moral excellence and devotion this agreement suggests.

This week I learnt that a dear ministry friend; a regular old-school great man of God was promoted to glory. He was a true pioneer in the nation’s of New Zealand and Australia in the move of the Holy Spirit in the early Pentecostal / Charismatic movements of the sixties and seventies. A man of faith, dedicated to the exposition of Biblical truth. His was a life lived in full pursuit of the highest level of moral excellence that a disciple of Jesus should aspire to. Pastor Trevor Chandler knew only too well what this partnership with our Heavenly Father, this call to holiness, was all about. We had discussed this often in our many conversations. He will be sorely missed.

Partnership with God is best summed up by one word – consecration! We are called to be in the world but not of it. It’s about living a separated life. Let me encourage you today, to go for a seasonal change, to intentionally purify your life and begin to live a truly God-filled, separated life. This is no small undertaking considering the worldly trappings and ungodly ways that pollute our daily existence, pulling on our old nature, so much so, that we need to crucify self, daily, in order to uphold this par