Training and Mobilising the Egyptian Church



Since 2007 we have been intentionally connecting with the church across Egypt through a number of key Christian pastors and leaders. During this time we have visited on numerous occasions and taken part of some significant ministry and mission activities, including leading a strategic prayer journey to the four corners of the nation.

Following our visit in 2007, we were invited to partner with the church in Egypt to host a non-denominational training conference that pastors and leaders from across the church could attend. With the financial assistance from the praying people of Australia and some wonderful ministry colleagues and friends, we were able to commence this training and mobilising ministry. It costs us $50 per head to cover all the necessary expenses to transport, accommodate and host each leader. The speakers cover their own expenses.

In our first year we were able to train around 300 pastors and leaders, the following year this was lifted to 500. Over the last two years 2014, 2015 this has risen to 750.

eg3In 2011 we decided to add another stream to the conference, our “marriage builder track.” Here we bring 50 leader couples together for the purpose of training on how to build a healthy marriage. In the same year we also set up an emerging young leaders seminar for 50 young emerging leaders called, “leaders of tomorrow.” This is a 3 day event that takes place prior to the main pastors and leaders conference.

This is important ministry that God has opened up to us in the Australian church. It’s a privilege and an honour to be welcomed into the heart of the leadership of the church in a nation like Egypt.

Let’s never forget that, in spite of hardship and persecution through the centuries, God has protected His witness in this nation for over 2000 years. We believe it’s for such a time as this (Ester 4:14) that we have been invited in to assist, like a mid-wife does, in helping them in their calling and mission not only in Egypt, but across North Africa and the Arab World in general. It’s worth remembering that around 47% of all Christians in the Middle East live in Egypt. This nation is key: a real ‘gateway’ nation to the Arab World. According to Isaiah 19:25, it is blessed to be a blessing in the nations, for God says, ‘Blessed be Egypt my people…’

Your involvement will make a difference!

Please consider partnering with us by sponsoring the training of a leader for $50 each.

Together let us see this vitally important work continue to grow and become a real nation changing life transforming work, not only in Egypt, but right across the Arab world as the Egyptian church ministers beyond its borders?

Ben and team.


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egypt_region_mapSee endorsements below from three of the speakers who ministered at recent conferences.

‘In September 2012 I had the privilege of joining a team of four other Australian Pastors, headed by Pastor Ben, in ministering to over 600 Pastors and Leaders at CHI-Ministries annual Egyptian leaders conference at a centre halfway between Cairo and Alexandria.

The Spiritual hunger and positive response from those attending the Conference was very encouraging and wonderful to see. The significance of this Conference can best be appreciated in the context of the massive political upheaval that taking place presently in North African and the Middle East. I believe that Christians in these Nations could be in for a time of increased and prolonged persecution. These conferences assist and encourage leaders in developing their skills and in building up their holy faith. We need to uphold them in our prayers.

I have worked with Pastor Ben for many years in Brisbane.  I’ve been impressed with his cross Denominational influence in the body of Christ in promoting prayer, prophetic and leadership conferences. I was equally impressed with the significant influence he has developed with key leaders in Egypt and other North African nations. His passion and the revelation that the Lord has given him for these Nations is remarkable, exciting highly worthy of our prayerful and financial support.’

Former National Vice President – AOG. Australia; Pastoral Care Officer AOG – Queensland and Northern Territory


‘In September 2012 I was a member of a conference team that Pastor Ben led to Egypt. This country is the most populous, influential country in the Middle East Arab Muslim bloc. When in it’s first century of existence, Islam invaded militarily all the previous Christian countries of North Africa, Egypt was the only one in which the Church was not exterminated in the ensuing centuries. Still today over 10% of the population is Christian of whom one million are evangelical. 

In the last 12 months the country has been battered by revolution in the streets until the Mubarak regime was toppled. The Muslim Brotherhood was restrained during the street demonstrations but once the government fell the Brotherhood has since gradually tightened its grip over the nation turning the Arab Spring into a tense  “autumn” if not a darkened winter. The church is being battered because, although there is not yet a new constitution in place, in practice beyond the cities, Sharia law is already practiced according to the whim of local leaders. This is a defining time for Egypt, its church and for the Arab world.

Pastor Ben’s annual team visits to encourage, equip and pray for the leaders of the church in this nations is strategic and sensitively timely. It is greatly appreciated and well received by the local leadership.

Prayer and financial support for a continuation of this work is vital.’

Founding Pastor, Crossway Baptist Church – Melbourne


‘In September 2011 I had the honour of joining Pastor Ben as a speaker at his pastors and leader’s conference in Wadi, halfway between Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt. Egypt is a strategic country for reaching North Africa and the Middle East. Despite the instability and insecurity of post-revolution Egypt, over 500 pastors and leaders came from across the nation. We were very conscious of people’s prayers because the Spirit’s presence and empowerment were tangible and evident. God moved among the leaders in an extraordinary way.

Pastor Ben’s God-given vision for North Africa is inspiring. His commitment to prayer, his tenacity of vision and sheer hard work are beginning to reap extraordinary results. The potential for North Africa and the surrounding nations is so exciting. I believe in what he’s doing and support him and his vision 100%.’

International Leadership Development Director for World Outreach International