CHIbooks-logoCHI-Books, founded over 15 years ago as CityHarvest Publications, is a growing Christian publisher with international authors and global reach. Our titles are available worldwide through multiple distribution channels in hardcopy print and digital eBook formats.

We can print on all the continents of the world and have a global distribution network to make your title available through the major outlets. CHI-Books thereby services customers’ local needs in keeping shipping times and costs low. Our eBooks can be sourced through all major distributors including Amazon Kindle and the Apple iBookstore.

Our most prolific author and founder of Australia’s largest Baptist Church, Dr Stuart Robinson, describes us as:

A minnow amongst publishers that does a whale of a job!

Prospective authors should understand that we are committed to publish high quality titles that communicate an authentic Christian message that blend theory with practice. Advice and support is provided throughout the writing, reviewing, editing and production process to ensure the success of the finished product. Author royalties and purchases at launch are negotiated upon acceptance of your book proposal.

Please contact our publishing specialists at who will advise on the process for submitting a proposal.