Partnership – a life of consecration!

I’ve been considering this word, consecration, for a while now; what does it really mean for a disciple of Jesus Christ today? As disciples of Jesus Christ and in opening our lives up to Him to be His holy vessels, we have entered into a living partnership with our Heavenly Father concerning holiness. However, much

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Going Through a Dry Spell

In over 30 years of ministry and mission, covering a variety of groups and settings across the globe, there’s been times when I’ve felt dry and far away from the warm presence of God. During these times, when I’m running close on empty, in one or a combination of all three of my, spiritually, emotionally

Principle based decision making!

Recently at the commencement of a strategic prayer assignment in the Middle East, that I led, I outlined the difference between preferences-opinions, values and principles in the hope that people would allow the Holy Spirit to reshape their opinions and values based upon revealed principles as we travelled the nation of Israel on our Jerusalem

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What does God expect of me?

As I get to travel, meet lots of different people and see many and varied places, I am often confronted with the feeling – what does God expect of me? On this I’ve pondered much. Let me try to be very simple and straightforward with a few thoughts on this matter. If you want something

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State of our Western Democracy

We stalk close to the precipice of cultural collapse, yet we close our eyes to the impending danger and stop our ears to the intoxicating shrill for change out of fear of being left on the wrong side of history. How absurd this will all sound to those living 50 or 60 years from now.

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