Ben F. Gray



Status: married to Liz.
Family: three wonderful children… 2 great sons-in-law and 1 special daughter-in-law – 10 outstanding grandchildren.
Focus: everyday people knowing their calling and mission in God. I’m passionate about whatever I’m involved in at anyone time, life, the kingdom and the nations.
Occupation: leader, speaker, consultant, publisher and author…helping others!

Brisbane, South East Queensland, Australia. Great region; a truly blessed nation!
Hey! Can you make my latté a little hotter? Alas, a small price to pay when living in Queensland, where, as the saying goes, it is ‘beautiful one day perfect the next’. You see I get to experience both daily.  I’m eager to get a good latté, as I am to soak up the creational beauty each day in my small corner of the world: in the midst of a changing and challenging world, life for me right now is simply amazing! God is good.
Jesus Christ and what He’s given to my life… my beautiful and precious wife – Liz (short for Elizabeth). My family; my associate – Jonathan…a true ‘buddy’ and wonderful offsider, special friends; travel and lots of cross–cultural involvement. I love music and a good show; movies; long walks; BBQ’s; reading; all kinds of food …love food and a good wine… oh yes a glass of wine now and again… that’s one thing I had handed over to the Lord when I was first converted and much later in life He allowed me to take it back but in moderation; a spot of dancing… don’t do much these days…was a good dancer in my younger years, but time does not permit too much these days.  I like a swim now and again… we have such great long hot summers here in Queensland; a spot of fishing, when someone who has a boat and the tackle these days and is willing to takes pity on me; V8 motor sport; cricket…all forms of it …but a bit of a Test tragic…especially when we’re playing the ‘old enemy’ – dear old England and I have been known to play an occasional game of tennis – rusty as…
Chariots of Fire; Hunt for Red October; the Star Wars Series; Pay It Forward; Ice Age series… funny as! Baz Luhrmann’s epic movie ‘Australia’ … what an amazing country we have! A few newer ones…names just escape me right now…
Well as a child of the 60’s…what can you expect! John Fogerty…reborn. Some modern artist like Amy Macdonald… a couple of Deborah Conways… Eighties music… some good ones across this decade… love Van Morrison; some Crash Test Dummies; a bit of Paul Kelly; Third Day; Newsboys; Casting Crowns; Israel Houghton; Dire Straits; Eagles… new and old; James Morrison; Paul Simon – Graceland album… the best! Michael W Smith; Chris Tomlin; some Savage Garden and Powderfinger; a bit of Chris Rea; U2 on a good day and even the occasional John Farnham.
I like various styles including rock, jazz, some classical, the blues if I’m in the right mood and driving on my own…even the occasional country rock… load up a Keith Urban and let’s rock-on!
Knowing God by J. I. Packer… a classic. How Shall We Then Live by Francis Schafer or any book of his… causes you to think deeply; the writings of C.S. Lewis. I love a good biography… have read many and still get much of my hope and encouragement from them; The Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard… awakens passion for God. Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey is rich with interpretive and cultural insight, or engage with a fresh exploration of the Kingdom with This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley… the list is long.


Ben is a speaker, author, experienced pastor and businessman, who, through travelling the globe in church, mission and business activities, has developed communication and leadership skills to impact a generation for Jesus. Currently serving as the Apostolic leader of CHI-Ministries, a non-denominational network of Kingdom Ministry, Strategic Prayer and Global Mission: Director and Founder of Vocations 4Life an innovative Online Program that helps people to discover their ‘all-of-life’ calling and mission in God, built around the revelation of his groundbreaking book, Heaven’s Answer To Earth’s Dilemma; Apostolic oversight and Founder of the Australian Prayer Network, a large cross-denominational prayer movement; co-chairs the vision team of the Australian National Day of Thanksgiving and co-leads the Lord Mayor of Brisbane City-wide Prayer Breakfast team. He’s an experienced leader in the prayer movement nationally and internationally.

Ben’s multi-gifted leadership abilities and wide-ranging experience were utilized on a team that grew one of Australia’s largest Baptist Churches that had an expanding church planting and global missions network. From his background in mechanical engineering, mining equipment manufacturing and marketing, to General Manager and international consulting within the seafood industry, has enabled Ben to enjoy periods of both ‘bi-vocational’ and ‘full-time’ ministry. He’s planted and assisted in the establishment of several churches and ministries; led short-term mission teams, strategic prayer journeys and key conferences nationally and internationally. His years of pastoral experience, openness and sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirit, combine to make his ministry style relaxed and discerning while being relevant, credible and practical. His commitment to the people of Brisbane has made him a widely respected community leader. He is well known across the Church in his city, nation and internationally, for his strong commitment to the Body of Christ and the transforming power of the Gospel of the Kingdom in society and creation.

Ben held regional leadership in the global AD2000 Movement during the nineties and executive leadership with the Evangelical Fellowship of the South Pacific (EFSP). In 1996 Ben founded CHI-Ministries (known as CityHarvest International) and in 1999 established a publications arm of the ministry (CHI-Books) that provides cutting-edge kingdom resources globally. He has led strategic prayer, church and mission leadership conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally, as well as worked with church and community leaders in citywide transformation ministry across Australia. In 2001, along with a number of his cities leading pastors’, Ben helped pioneer a citywide network of churches and ministries in Brisbane, called BrizNet and an outreach work called, Yes! We Care.

Ben has a deep love for God and a strong commitment to people. He is passionate to see individuals deepen their intimacy with Jesus Christ, understand how they are made in the image of a passionate God, and discover their calling and mission in God.

He is married to Liz, has 3 adult children and 10 grandchildren.

Hey friend before you leave me: follow Jesus… He know’s the way the truth and the life! Has guided me well for the past 40 years… not an easy walk… but what a RIDE!

If you don’t know Him yet, don’t put Him off or push Him away. He’s the Sovereign Lord, the source of true peace – the fountain of joy. He is the strength of my heart – He is my closest friend and He can be yours also. Just ask Him!

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